Reliability Matters 1.2 – Wireless Surveillance Systems

What is new in Equipment Surveillance and Condition Monitoring Systems?

DTM Consulting Services Inc. has looked at many different wireless solutions from a host of different manufactures as we looked for a replacement of the now obsolete COMMTEST vbOnline System.

INDUSTRY 4.0 and COVID-19 has pushed reliability managers to begin looking at wireless sensor availability that will capture vibration and process inputs through a network-based structure or a cloud based off-site analytics solution.

ERBESSED-Instruments is what we have landed upon. We like the simplicity, affordability, and flexibility of this modern state-of-the-art equipment that gives us options for condition monitoring and surveillance practices. The ERBESSD-Instruments solution offers a harmonious blend of using route based wireless transducer with balancing options that can be transitioned into a surveillance system that includes vibration (slow speed to high speed), amperage, temperature (thermocouple and non-contact infrared), and any type of process 4- 20mA signal. The sensors utilize low power Bluetooth 5.0 to communicate wirelessly to a gateway that can be fitted into an existing network or have the signals directed to a cloud-based analysis and reporting function.

What is difference between Equipment Surveillance and Condition Monitoring?

The simple answer is surveillance is the targeted act of watching performance data for the purpose of identifying irregularities or changes in activity. This is best performed through regular data collection through an on-line system of daily signature collection and analysis. Condition monitoring is a systematic, regular, continual and active (or passive) process of observation. We tend to speak about condition monitoring of equipment through a process of regular planned cyclical attendance to the equipment so that our technicians can test the equipment for changes in performance and then determine the contributing factors that require correction.

How are the Safety Considerations with On-line Surveillance Managed?

Data collection with the On-Line wireless sensors can be tuned to collect data every 10 minutes to once per day.

Data transmission can be directed to an in-house network of data receipt for analysis or it can be directed off-site to a cloud-based program where the data is collected for analysis.

The in-house network is within the self-contained confines of the business where it becomes a managed IT function. The cloud-based solution utilizes a gateway with a SIM card that transmits the data to a cloud-based server. Under this setup, there are no safety concerns as the data is remotely collected and analyzed. Passwords control the access to the data. The cloud-based data collection and analysis offers third party support access without having to be concerned with firewall intrusion or security concerns. Sensors can not be reverse accessed.

Can I Start Small and then Grow My System?

YES. A vibration monitoring route can be established with the ERBESSD-Instruments data collector and then transition to an on-line vibration and process monitoring solution with ease. The equipment and vibration information harmoniously integrates into the on-line system with ease.

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