Reliability Matters 1.4 – Video Deflection – Motion Amplification

What is DRAGONVision – Video Deflection Amplification of Motion?

Everything moves. Objects may appear to be stationary, but when looked at closely, there is
movement taking place … even with apparent stationary objects.

The human eye is often incapable of detecting minute movements of objects. But sometimes,
those minute movements are driving forces behind metal fatigue, structure borne damage,
base mounted equipment fractures, pipe strain and more.

Sometimes we find things broken and have a hard time explaining how it broke.
The advancements in video capture with high resolution video image streaming has been
developed to a point where the picture pixels can be used to measure the movement of an
object and pinpoint phase and severity.

Where is Video Deflection Amplification of Motion Best Used in my Plant?

Everything moves. Video Deflection technology takes the slight movements of a stationary or
rotating apparatus and highlights oscillating amplified movements in the structure by
enlarging the pixels of the video feed.

What movement was once impervious to the naked eye can now be highlighted and viewed
to the extent that structural movement can now be measured.

  • Pipework feeding or leading away from pumps – such a pipe strain.
  • Fan and blower operation.
  • Based mounted motors.
  • Compressors.
  • Loaded apparatus.
  • Building structures.

There really is no limit to what can be monitored and measured with Video Deflection

The Impact of Natural Frequencies and Intersecting Harmonics … a Case Study.

A client with multiple fans located on a mezzanine has expressed concerns with the impact of
the natural vibration frequencies being generated by the multiple fans when in operation.
Standing on the mezzanine, one can feel the frequency of the vibration signature and
likewise can feel the intersection of other frequencies that have been generated by other
rotating apparatus within the building.

Is this a problem one could ask? So what …. there are frequencies that cause the floor to

My first response may be, “I don’t know!” There have been issues with the fans and their
operation in the past, but I don’t know to what extent the vibration or the harmonics are
having on the health and well being of the equipment or if the vibration signatures are even
having an effect on the surrounding equipment.

Video Deflection analysis can identify how the equipment is moving. It can pinpoint to what
beat the equipment is moving and what impact the movement is having on the bases, the
structure and the building. It also will pinpoint what needs to occur to remove the vibration.
You can’t respond without data and up to this point there has not been anything available that
can be used to amplify the movement of stationary equipment until now.

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