Asset Management Tracking

Knowing Your Assets From Birth to Grave and Tracking The History of Maintenance and Lifetime Costs of Ownership.

In a large operation, how is it possible to know every asset, track the history of the asset from design through installation and operation to end of life?

NEW IN 2024 is the availability of a system that will give you immediate knowledge of every asset, access to the design drawings, access to every maintenance intervention work order and clear information on the lifetime cycle of health and value to the company.

E-SENTRY is a program that will give you all of this information, with immediate access to the asset lifecycle and historian of all interventions by way of cloud computing.

E-Sentry is an asset tagging system that places an NFC activated card on every asset. The NFC triggered access opens the information portal and provides the technician the information he / she needs to understand the asset and undertake a maintenance activity … all while in front of the asset.

E-Sentry will also send management a message of asset contact by a technician and send you the text the technician writes back onto the asset tag.

E-Sentry is an ideal historian that enables you to track asset repairs and maintenance activity to the specific asset, thereby giving you an accurate lifetime cost of ownership while improving your Overall Equipment Effectiveness [OEE]. When it comes time to replace the asset, you will have a readily available profile of the asset and provide you with details your engineering team can use to incorporate improvements to the asset design.

Upcoming changes to CSA Z463 place regular inspections with documentation of inspections and findings into a requirement. E-Sentry serves as a viable asset tracking solution.

E-SENTRY asset tagging and asset tracking solutions are a product by IRISS Inc. IRISS is a manufacturer of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices. DTM Consulting Services is a Canadian Master Distributor of IRISS products.

What to expect from E-SENTRY Asset Tagging Solutions.

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