Oil and Fluids Analysis

Revealing the properties of oil, grease and fluids so dirt, degradation and depletion are controlled.

Oil is the lifeblood of hydraulic and gear reducer systems. Like a human that has bloodwork completed to analyze the character and condition of the blood, so too oil sample analysis provides details on the character and condition of the asset lifeblood. Vibration analysis can look at the operational characteristics of a machine from an external perspective, oil analysis reveals the operational characteristics of what is happening INSIDE a machine Dirt can cause hydraulic valves to stick and malfunction. Degraded oil and oil that has lost the valuable properties associated with viscosity, anti-wear, anti-foam, and rust inhibitors can cause premature wear of gear teeth, hydraulic pistons, plugging of supply lines and more. Gear oil that is dirty and has high particulate counts has a calculated loss of life based upon the change index between samples. Oil that has been filtered can add years of life to equipment. Storage practices, handling and decanterIng technique, oil sample collection methods all have an impact on the overall asset life cycle and total costs of ownership.

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