Dynamic and Static Di-electric Electric Motor Condition Assessment.

Testing for Electrical Well-Being - Analysis and Solutions

Dynamic Electric Motor Performance can provide insights into the electrical line supply issues (voltage, current) that may be affecting the performance and life of the motor. Total Harmonic Distortion, Line imbalance, and motor overloading each have an effect of cutting the life of the motor in one-half. These anomalies affect the di-electric insulation on the magnet wire that can lead to a failure in the windings of the motor stator.

Static Electric Motor Testing is a three part process that examines the equalization of resistance in the windings, the di-electric strength of the insulation system by measuring leakage to ground and the condition of the windings turn to turn and phase to phase.

A compromised electrical system can lead to unplanned electric motor asset failures, when you least want to have an unplanned break in production. By identifying the early degrading of motor insulation, as may be caused by voltage imbalance, electrical harmonics, and motor overloading, the motor can inexpensively be washed, baked dry and have the insulation restored. Allowing a motor to run to failure, can often lead to collateral damage to the windings that will require a costly rewind or worst case replacement new motor.

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What to expect from our Dynamic Electric Motor Performance and Static Di-electric Motor Insulation Condition Assessment.

Dynamic and Static Electrical testing services is performed by qualified electricians using Meggar / Baker Instruments test equipment.

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