Thermography – Electrical / Mechanical Thermal Imaging

Seeing Beyond Sight: Harnessing Thermal Imaging for Enhanced Analysis of Equipment Health.

Thermography, also know as infrared imaging, is a pioneering technique that captures the heat signatures emitted by your machinery. By translating thermal data into visible images, we reveal a new dimension of information that remains hidden from traditional inspection modalities. Under the surface lies a world of potential hidden anomalies and modes of failure that can generate heat. Heat is the enemy of mechanical and electrical equipment. Thermal Imaging can detect subtle temperature variations, identify electrical and mechanical hotspots, fluid leaks, electrical di-electric insulation issues and more – all factors that can compromise asset life, performance, safety and asset well being.

Electrical systems can be fitted with electrical maintenance safe inspection viewports that provide a safe and guarded closed door access to internal cabinet connections, junctions, fuse holders and disconnect switches. A variety of electrical maintenance safety devices are available through DTM Consulting Services that enhance a regular program of thermal image inspections of what has traditionally been seen as un-inspectable. No longer is there a need for dangerous, labour intensive open door thermal inspections. Electrical thermal imaging can now be completed using standard PPE with more accurate normal environment Thermal inspections.

We can provide you with actionable insights that will optimize your maintenance plan, enhance equipment health, and predict and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

What to expect from our Thermal Imaging Services.

Thermographic services are performed with HikMicro thermal cameras.

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